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BI Trend Reports: Insights to Elevate Senior Living Sales

January 11, 2023 by Sherpa

If you’re an Aline customer using Sherpa CRM and you haven’t explored the powerful Business Intelligence Trend Reports, now’s the time to check them out!

The BI reports are designed to provide valuable insights into your sales activities and outcomes. Read on to learn more about Occupancy Analysis Trend, Occupancy Portfolio, and Sales Activity Trend.

See a brief demo of Sherpa’s BI Trend reporting tools with Senior Director of Product Matt Prentis.

Deeper Insights = Improved Sales

Reporting gives you a deeper understanding of what works and what doesn’t. With these BI reports, you’ll be able to make informed decisions about your sales strategy and find ways to improve or maximize your overall performance.

Occupancy Analysis: Long- and Short-Term Trends

The Occupancy Analysis Trend report allows you to view both long- and short-term occupancy trends across your company. You can filter by region or drill down to a specific property, as well as analyze by care type or unit style. This report also includes up to three years of results, so you can see how your occupancy trends have evolved over time.

Occupancy Portfolio: Identify Communities in Need of Focus

The Occupancy Portfolio report allows you to view and compare short-term occupancy trends across each community. This is useful for identifying which communities may need additional focus or attention, and understanding the impact on company-wide trends.

Sales Activity Trend: Analyzing Lead and Tour Information

The Sales Activity Trend report enables you to analyze both long- and short-term sales activity trends, including new lead and tour information. You can see how much time is spent in the Selling Zone and how that time is broken down by activity, category, and conversions.

In you subscribe to Sherpa CRM, you can learn more about these enhancements by visiting the Sherpa CRM Support Portal and check out the “Product Updates” section.

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