Micro Metrics

We were curious.

Does increasing the average time spent with each prospective resident have a direct, quantifiable effect on tour-to-move-in conversions?

We looked at results across a broad section of the Sherpa customer base, for a total of 512 communities representing a mix of IL/AL/MC care. These customers had been working within the Sherpa CRM for 12 to 18 months.

Here’s what we found:


The MicroMetric explained: These results are calculated by taking total Time in The Selling Zone® and dividing it by total prospects that were worked in any given time period. For example: If on a 30-day period we worked 100 hours in the Selling Zone, and worked 50 prospects, our average Time Per Prospect is 2 hours.

MicroMetrics Lead to Success

Sherpa’s proprietary Prospect-Centered Sales® approach is focused on key “MicroMetrics”, of which “Time Per Lead Worked“ is one. These Leading KPIs measure what happens during and between each prospect interaction, and how they can be optimized to achieve higher levels of sales conversion.

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The In-Depth Reporting You Need

Sherpa’s reporting engine gives users endless opportunities for optimizing creative planning, strategic follow-up and evidence-based outreach.

In addition to seeing how many tours have been completed, imagine being able to quickly and easily identify how much planning was done in advance of a tour, what occurred during, and how the tour advanced the sales professional’s ability to establish a trusted relationship with a prospect.


Benchmarking for Success

Compare your sales team’s productivity to best performer benchmarks. Imagine accessing an any-time dashboard illustrating how much time you are spending on sales-related activities versus non-sales-related activities.

Instead of only analyzing how many calls you made, engage with data that shows—in composite form and with validated access to per-prospect data—how much you know about a prospect’s life and the factors they need to consider before making a move.

Not big data — better data.  Not macro metrics — MicroMetrics. 

The future of senior housing sales data is here. Make the switch to the CRM that is shown to succeed.