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Sherpa Subprocessors and In-App Tools

Last updated: 16-Nov-22


One on One Sherpa, LLC (Sherpa) engages the following entities as processors of customers’ personal data:

Entity NameEntity locationProcessing ServicesData location
Amazon Web Services, Inc.USHosts the customer’s data in the Sherpa application(s)Dublin, Republic of Ireland
Data processing agreement: https://d1.awsstatic.com/legal/aws-gdpr/AWS_GDPR_DPA.pdf
Snowflake, LLCUSData warehouse that stores analytics data which is presented to the customer’s users through TableauAWS as above
Data processing agreement: https://www.snowflake.com/legal/data-processing-addendum/
Fivetran Inc.USTransmits the customer’s data between Sherpa relational database and data warehouseEU region
Data processing agreement: https://www.fivetran.com/legal#dpa
Absorb Software Inc.CanadaProvides a Learning Management System (LMS) with paid-for training on the Sherpa application(s).   This only affects customers who pay for access to the LMS.   The LMS is accessed through the Sherpa application. However customers will log directly into the LMS (they will no longer be in the Sherpa application). Sherpa can run reports for the customer about the customer’s learners’ use of the LMS.Primary and secondary AWS data centres in the US
Data processing agreement: https://www.absorblms.com/support/compliance/gdpr

Changes to subprocessors 

Customers wishing to receive email notification of changes to processors should contact Sherpa. Changes to processors of customers’ personal data will be listed here. Any customer objecting to the change should notify Sherpa of that objection without delay.

Entity NameEntity locationProcessing ServicesData locationChange
Twilio Inc.USVoice API: allows a user of the Sherpa application to click a button to call a prospect from the user’s work phone.
Twilio is subprocessor of the content of the call, but a communications service provider and therefore controller of the phone numbers themselves.
Data processing agreement: https://www.twilio.com/legal/data-protection-addendum

In-app services

The Sherpa application(s) include certain in-app services. These services use JavaScript code and may also serve or read cookies on the user’s device. The services help Sherpa improve and maintain the application(s) and enhance user experience throughout the application(s) as set out below:

Entity NameEntity locationIn-app services
Amplitude, Inc.USAllows Sherpa to set up and run analytic reports for product improvement purposes, e.g. active users in a particular region during the last 30 days.
Cookies: Amplitude uses the following performance cookie which analyses use within the product, in order to improve the product and user experience within the product:
ProviderNameBasic functionLinks
Amplitude, Inc.amp_[random alphanumeric string]Device ID used to analyse user behaviour within the product; persists until user clears browser or browses in private modeAmplitude Privacy Policy   How Amplitude identifies unique users   Cookies created by Amplitude   Amplitude’s Stance on Security & Privacy
Further information: Amplitude uses pseudonymised data (user ID, device data) to produce reports. Amplitude uses the collected IP address to determine a user’s location (Sherpa uses this at country level).Data is stored in the customer’s region and transferred to the US.
Chameleon Intelligent Tech, IncUSProvides the customer’s users with guided tours of the Sherpa application(s) and context-specific information.
Cookies: Chameleon uses one cookie, which is necessary for it to identify Sherpa as its customer:
ProviderNameBasic functionNote
Chameleonchmln-pid-*Used for the Chameleon pluginAs at July 2022, Chameleon intends to sunset (stop using) this cookie entirely in the coming months.
Further information: Chameleon uses personal data (userID, name, email, role, community) to produce reports about user access to tours and information, which Sherpa uses for customer support and product improvement purposes.Data is stored in the customer’s region and transferred to the US.
Elevio Pty LtdAustraliaProvides the customer’s users with contextual support within the Sherpa application(s). Sources helpdesk articles from Freshdesk (Freshworks’ product).  
Cookies: none
Further information: Generates reports about user access to helpdesk articles, which Sherpa uses for customer support and product development.Data is stored in the customer’s region and transferred to the US.
Freshworks IncUSStores and delivers help desk articles to the customer’s users through ElevioHelpdesk tool within Sherpa’s application(s)
Cookies:  none
Further information:   The helpdesk tool stores the user’s name and email, support queries and Sherpa’s responses, which Sherpa uses for customer support purposes.Data is stored in the customer’s region and transferred to the US.
Tableau Software, LLC, a Salesforce companyUSProvides the customer’s users with business analytics / reporting dashboards.
Cookies: none
Further information: Data is collected from Snowflake and stored in the customer’s region.Sherpa does not send any data to Tableau Software, LLC or to Salesforce.
Localize CorporationUSTranslates terminology used in Sherpa’s application(s) (e.g. basic forms/labels, from US English to British English).
Cookies: none
Further information: Sherpa provides the translation files.No customer data ever goes to the translation engine.


To contact Sherpa about these processors or in-app services, please email privacy@sherpa.com.