About You.

About You.


Change is hard – for an older adult navigating a move to a senior housing community and for our client partners. No matter what type of change is occurring, the component parts are the same: what has “always been” can’t stay the same, and what “will be” is uncertain.

Our job as your dedicated Sherpa is to guide you through the process of navigating change gently with expert, operator-tested feedback. To get you started, we’ve compiled the most common feedback received from thousands of users who have undergone this journey before. Do any, some, or all of these resonate with you?


“Occupancy is a concern.“


“I think there might be a better solution than my current tool.“


“Anything would be better than what we are using today.”


“I’m a consultant and my clients are asking for my opinion on the best CRM.”

  • “Sherpa is not just a CRM. It is a key tool to lead and manage properly. It’s the best expert knowledge and skill development system in the field. I see all large, non-profit communities quickly moving to use it."

    Victoria Hess
    Vice President of Sales and Marketing,
    Presbyterian Senior Living – Harrisburg, PA